8 Best Military Anime For You

Anime with a story of warfare and the military is indeed sometimes interesting to watch because the atmosphere is tense. Certainly, a lot of the action scenes are exciting, challenging, even tickling to come to think deep about strategy-strategy battle. Suitable deh to cheer you up because making the audience can get swept up in the story of a anime war best.

For you fans of the anime with this genre, and confused want to watch to accompany your spare time, cus check out the review below! You can choose the recommendations anime military the best that you like most.

  1. Youjo Senki – Saga of Tanya the Evil (2017)
    Anime War And Military Best
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Recommendations of anime war are Youjo Senki – Saga of Tanya the Evil. Anime this one revolves around the life of a war that heavy and cruel. The background itself is housed in a war-torn world and never finished. There is a state of the empire which has the power industry and the military are very superior.

Unfortunately, the position of the state of the empire is surrounded by many countries, making it vulnerable to attack. Party empire and then send in the troops in the border areas to banish the enemies that come. On the field of battle of the Rhine, placed forces unit special magic to ward off attacks from Republicans.

Armies of witches are led by Tanya Degurechaff, soldier, famous military cruel and ruthless. He is then reincarnated into the body of a little girl due to an incident. If you want to know how it goes, you can watch your own anime had already aired the year 2017 then this.

  1. Ginga Eiyu Densetsu – Die Neue These (2018)
    Anime War And Military Best
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Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu also be anime best military actually been aired since 1988, but there is a new version that is Ginga Eiyu Densetsu – Die Neue These tv show which aired in 2018. The story is very unique with a visual display that is up to date, you know. This Anime revolves around the future, in which humans have made colonies on various planets in the Milky way Galaxy.

There are 3 camps bicker, namely the Galactic Empire, the Alliance of Free Planets, and the Dominion of Fezzan. The Galactic empire yangdipimpin by Reinhard von Lohengramm and Alliance of Free Planets led by Wen-Li, Which involved a war in a long time. Reinhard actually want a new revolution, but Wen-Li Who just want to live a relaxing life without war. Watch it if you are curious!

  1. Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta (2011)
    Anime War And Military Best
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Anime war best is presenting the story of the unique and suspenseful, one of which is the Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta that have been released since the year 2011. This Anime tells about the conflict 2 camps, namely the Empire of the Levamme and the Amatsukami Imperium but also interspersed love story. One day, there was a prince who lost everything and be just like ordinary people.

While growing up, it was merged into the national academy of aviation, to train pilots of the country with the goal of revenge and hatred. In the academy, he found a friend-a new theme and a lot to learn about love and friendship. Then one day, he who becomes a prince of the Empire Levamme, declare love on the princess Juana del Moral of the Amatsukami Imperium. Certainly the story of their love effect to warfare dong. Udah nonton belum?

  1. Mobile Suit Gundam: The MS 08th Team (1996)
    Anime War And Military Best
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For you fans of the Gundam Series, anime military best this one was very recommended to watch. Released from 1999, this animation tells about the exploits of a unit of land the earth federation during the one year war. The Anime is set in Universal Century 0079 in the jungles of Southeast Asia in which the Earth Federation and the Kingdom of Zeon are fighting in a guerrilla war that brutal.

Zeon rely heavily on the pilot named Aina Sahalin, while the Army of the Federation of the Earth has a commander, a new lieutenant mua Shiro Amada. As it turns out, Aina and Shiro know each other in a rescue. When Shiro knew that Aina is a pilot Armor, he was arrested for treason. This Anime must also put forward the strategies of war which interesting and very worth to watch.

  1. Owari No Seraph (2015)
    Anime War And Military Best
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Owari No Seraph already release of the year 2015 this begenre fantasy-actiondan tell about the earth that attacked a strange virus. This causes everyone to die without apparent cause. The state of the city so dont mess because the virus spreads rapidly and attacking its citizens. Then, there arose a group of vampire who said he will save the human condition the humans into livestock vampire the.

Until there was a war between vampires and humans. Moreover, many small children are held hostage to be used as slaves by the vampires. There are 2 sisters without blood ties named Yuu and Mikaela who are trying to escape but failed. Yuu who got away, and then join in a military organization for revenge. The story is very interesting, so anime war best’s recommended to watch in our free time.

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