18 Anime Romance Comedy High School

Anime Romance Comedy High School – Are you a fan of Japanese anime and are looking for the best anime recommendations for the romantic comedy genre at school? If yes, you are at the right place. Because in this post we have compiled a list of the best romance school comedy anime recommendations of all time for you to watch.

What anime will be on the list? Let’s just look at it in full below.

Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai (2019)

Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai is the latest anime romance comedy high school that is very exciting and interesting to watch.

This anime tells the story of Nariyuki Yuiga, he is one of the smartest students at his school even though he comes from a poor family.

Currently, Nariyuki’s goal is to get a VIP scholarship at his school in order to get free tuition from the school.

There is one requirement given by the principal to Nariyuki, which is to help the two genius students Fumino Furuhashi & Rizu Ogata.

Rizu Ogata is known as Thumbelina Super Computer because of his genius in math & physics. Fumino Furuhashi is known as the literary sleeping princess due to her genius in modern literature & classical literature.

However, in contrast to their prowess in their respective fields, for some reason, Rizu actually wants to go to the university of literature & Fumino wants to go to the university of physics. And of course, they were both stupid in that lesson.

What’s the next story? what is Nariyuki’s plan to get the two of them to qualify for the university they want?

Masamune-kun no Revenge (2017)

Masamune-kun no Revenge is a comedy harem school and anime romance comedy high school that tells the story of a teenager named Makabe Masamune, he is an ikemen young man who has a handsome, muscular, athletic face, and is liked by many other girls.

Unlike his old self, Masamune actually had a fat body when he was little and that’s why he was often bullied by his friends, especially by a beautiful girl named Aki Adagaki.

And finally he decided to change his life and take revenge on Adagaki, exercise regularly to go on a diet, everything he did until he became the person he is today.

Finally the time he has been waiting for has arrived, when he meets Adagaki Aki at his new high school, how will it go? what will Masamune do to launch a counterattack? You can find the answer in this one of the best anime school.

Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet (2018)

Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet is also the best anime romance comedy high school that you must watch. Set in a school called Dahlia Academy. It contained two students from 2 opposite countries, therefore there were 2 factions among the students.

The first stronghold is the Black Doggy House led by Romio Inuzuka. The second camp is the White Cats House led by Juliet Persia.

Even so, there is a secret that only Inuzuka and Persia know, they both love each other, but the factor of where they live and different beliefs make them keep their feelings secretly so that other people don’t know.

How will their love story continue? Will their love run aground or will it go well?

Kanojo Okarishimasu (2020)

Well, here is the latest 2020 anime romance comedy high school which is enough to grab the attention of the weeds, because it has beautiful and waifu-able characters in it.

The story of the anime Kanojo Okarishimasu centers on Kazuya Kinoshita, a college student who recently fell into depression due to being dumped by his girlfriend.

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In confusion and sadness, Kazuya sees a girlfriend rental application that can be used by anyone, maybe girlfriends there can fill the void temporarily.

It was from this application that Kazuya met the perfect girl named Chizuru whom he hired as a girlfriend. However, things take a turn for the worse when they visit Kazuya’s grandmother.

Oresuki (2019)

The next best anime romance comedy high school recommendation of all time is Oresuki. This anime tells the story of a high school teenager named Amatsuyu Kisaragi or who is often called Jorro.

He has 2 student friends who are close to him. Namely Aoi Hinata who is a childhood friend of Jorro & Sakura Akino the student council president at their school.

One day Aoi and Sakura take Jorro on a full day date. At the end of the date they wanted to have a serious talk with Jorro.

In their hearts, Jorro hoped for something like a confession of love for him, but instead they asked Jorro for help to bring them closer to his best friend Ooga Taiyou or commonly called Sun-chan.

The romantic life that Jorro dreamed of was not like the reality, the girl friend turned out to have feelings for her best friend. However, while resting in the library.

Sumireko, a girl with glasses & braid hair with a strange mysterious nature is attracted to Jorro. And he really likes Jorro for who he is.

Orange (2015)

Orange is a anime romance comedy high school that tells the story of Naho Takamiya, a 16 year old high school 2nd grader, one day he finds a letter sent by himself 10 years later.

Naho mentioned that she had regrets in the past so that young Naho could correct the mistake and not repeat it.

At first Naho didn’t believe the letters, but now she believes them after everything written in the letters actually comes true.

Naho in the future is very sorry and wants Naho in high school to choose the right choice so as not to repeat the mistakes she has made, especially to the new student named Kakeru Naruse, because in the future Kakeru has died and is no longer with them.

With this letter, Naho hopes that he will make every right decision and can protect his other friends. But, will the future change?

Gotoubun no Hanayome (2018)

Gotoubun no Hanayome is the best romance comedy high school that tells about Fuutarou Uesugi, a smart student but has a difficult life.

Fuutarou is always aloof and focused on studying, has no mother and no friends, his family is heavily in debt, and he and his sister often feel hungry.

Therefore, the opportunity that appeared in front of him he would not let go. He was asked by someone to be a tutor with a high fee. And it turns out that the student Fuutarou has to teach is in the same school as him.

And what’s more, he has to teach to 5 twins who have different traits, they don’t like to study and have very low grades and have a great chance of not going to class.

Some of them refused to be taught and even expelled Fuutarou. This makes part time work complicated & difficult.

But Fuutarou did not give up, he insisted on becoming their teacher because he really needed the fee.

What must he do so that the five beautiful girls can graduate? what plan will Fuutarou do? Gotoubun no Hanayome is one of the romance anime that managed to ignite a waifu war among fans. Which team are you?

Saekano (2014)

Saekano – Tells the story of an otaku named Tomoya Aki, as an otaku he is even willing to work part time to finance his life to buy knick-knacks such as anime, galge, games and so on.

One day he met a beautiful girl while on a hill along with the fall of very beautiful cherry blossoms around the time, he was really fascinated by the incident, and it turned out that the girl was his classmate, namely Megumi.

These events really inspired and gave him the idea to create a Galge Game and Visual Novel. But he realized that he himself would not be able to make his dream come true.

Therefore, he formed a team and invited his old friends to join him in making a game, he invited his childhood friend Sawamura Spencer Eriri who is now a famous manga illustrator.

He also invited his older classmate, Kasumigaoka Utaha, who is now a well-known novel series writer. And finally he made Megumi his model.

This is where the Saekano anime story begins, will they be able to make a game like their dreams…?

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (2012)

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun tells the story of a student named Mizutani Shizuku, she has a very indifferent nature towards things that she doesn’t think are important to her, she only focuses on her grades and achievements at school, this makes her friendless and difficult to get along with.

But Shizuku’s outlook on life slowly changes when one day she meets Yoshida Haru. Haru has the opposite nature to Shizuku.

Haru is a cheerful, playful, naughty and free boy, even on the first day of school, he immediately fights with his seniors.

But what makes them the same is because they both have no friends and are shunned by others because of the nature of each of them.

Their relationship was first formed when Shizuku visited Haru to deliver notes to his house.

But at that moment Shizuku saw a different side of Haru that was very different from what she had heard so far, and this is where their friendship began.

Currently their relationship is slowly getting closer, but they are both confused by the bond because they have never had friends experience before.

For those of you who are looking for a cute and adorable romance anime, while at the same time it can make the audience baper, then Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is one of the best choices to watch.

Nisekoi (2014)

Nisekoi is one of the best anime romance comedy high school in the world which tells the story of a student named Raku Ichijo, who is the son of the head of the yakuza mafia.

One day he is forced to get engaged to a girl named Kirisaki Chitoge who is also the son of a big mafia in order to prevent a war between the two sides.

Of course Raku doesn’t approve of the engagement, plus he is now in love with someone, Kosaki Onodera, who is his own classmate.

Apparently, the Chitoge also did not agree to the engagement, just like Raku.

Their life didn’t go smoothly and they had silly fights every day. Nisekoi is one of the most passionate romance anime that can make everyone love it. Make sure you watch this romantic anime, okay!

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou (2014)

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou is a fun and cool romance and slice of life anime, this high-rated romance anime tells the story of a student named Usa Kazunari who has just moved to a new boarding house so that he can live independently and be free from his family. He moved to a boarding house called Kawaisou.

Not as beautiful as he imagined, it turns out that in Kawaisou there are many strange people who live there, he thinks of moving to another place, but he changes his mind when he finds out Kawai Ritsu, an upperclassman whom he admires with a calm and aloof nature.

Now he decided to stay dikawaisou, but what will happen next? Will his life continue normally? Or does he want to get to know Ritsu better?

Ao Haru Ride (2014)

If you are looking for a sad anime romance comedy high school recommendation that can make you cry, one of the best anime for you to watch is Ao Haru Ride.

Tells the story of a beautiful girl named Yoshioka Futaba. During middle school she fell in love with a student named Tanaka Kou. But due to a misunderstanding, their relationship as friends ends when Kou transfers schools during the summer.

Now Futaba, who has become a high school student, is reunited with Kou, but he meets this time named Mabuchi Kou.

The beginning of the story begins with the meeting between Yoshioka Futaba, with her first love in the 1st grade of junior high school, Tanaka Kou or who has now changed her name to Mabuchi Kou, after 3 years they did not meet. Unexpectedly, this meeting was a surprise for both of them.

Before they parted, the two of them had promised to meet at the summer festival, but Kou didn’t keep his promise.

In Yoshioka’s eyes, the Kou he met now was very different from the Kou he knew 3 years ago. Kou who has now turned into a man with a cold, annoying figure, unlike the old Kou, Kou who is warm and kind.

Yoshioka herself also changed quite drastically, from a feminine girl to a tomboy with the aim of making friends, the reason being that she was shunned by many friends who were jealous of her in junior high school. And it is in this new school that their story begins.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai (2014)

Looking for a light-hearted anime romance comedy high school full of funny comedy? You can watch the Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai from Kyoto Animation.

Tells the story of Togashi Yuuta, a teenager who suffers from Chuunibyou disease, Chuunibyou Syndrome is not a disease that can be seen medically haha ​​… but a disorder that often occurs in children and even adults that makes them think that they have a special power like in anime .

Yuuta used to call himself the “Dark Flame Master” who had supernatural powers within him

However, now that Yuuta has grown up and has entered his new high school, he deliberately chooses a high school that is far away and unknown to his middle school friends because he is ashamed of having suffered from Chuunibyou syndrome. He wants to forget the past and wants to start a new life as a normal student.

But unfortunately, in his new residence now he meets a chuunibyou girl named Takanashi Rikka, Rikka goes to the same place as him, in fact they are neighbors. Apart from chuunibyou is not easy anymore now.

Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san (2018)

One of the best comedy anime on this list, which definitely also has a thick romance content. Tells the story of Nishikata who is often bullied by his seatmate, namely Takagi.

Since Nishikata has a principle of not wanting to look embarrassed when teased, he tries to keep his pride from falling apart and vows to prank Takagi.

A thousand and one ways by Nishikata to prank Takagi. But all of that didn’t work, in fact no matter what method he did, surely the one who would become the victim was Nishikata (master’s eating weapon).

The more often Nishikata sets a trap on Takagi, the more it will come back. So one day, Nishikata promised again. “If I get caught once, I’ll do 10 push-ups”

Even though he had promised that, he would never win. Over time, Nishikata realized that he had always been close to Takagi. Their story is so funny and interesting to follow.

Kokoro Connect (2012)

If you like romance comedy high school with a thick supernatural spice, then you must watch Kokoro Connect.

Starting from the formation of a club called “Bunka Kenkyuu bu” which was just created by the five students. The three girls are Himeko Inaba, Nagase Iori, Kiriyama Yui and the 2 boys Yaegashi Taichi, Aoki Yoshifumi.

Various strange and even mystical events occur in this club. Which is certainly full of mystery and fun to follow.

Ore Monogatari (2015)

Ore Monogatari is one of the best romance comedy high school of all time, with an adorable story reminiscent of the beauty of adolescence.

Tells the story of a student named Gouda Takeo, who has a large, muscular, and tall body that is his trademark, he is also a kind and polite student, always helping people who need his help.

One day, Takeo meets Yamato Rinko, a beautiful and cute girl who loves him for who he is. The love life of these two teenagers is really adorable and maximum bucin.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (2014)

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is undoubtedly one of the best romance comedy anime that can make you both baper and laugh.

At the beginning of the story, Sakura Chiyo really likes her own classmate, Nozaki Umetarou, and one day Sakura finally expresses her feelings to Nozaki, but due to a misunderstanding, she only gets Nozaki’s signature.

But Sakura still explained it and tried more to express her feelings, but it got even worse, Nozaki finally invited Sakura to go to his apartment, but not for strange things, but he asked Sakura to help him work on a Manga.

ReLIFE (2016)

The next best romance school anime recommendation is ReLIfe. This anime tells the story of a man named Arata Kaizaki, he is 27 years old and is currently still unemployed because he has not been successful in his job interview.

This is because yesterday he left his job too quickly, it made him considered a not very good employee by other companies, according to him the work he did yesterday did not suit him very well.

On the way he meets someone who offers him a pill claiming to be from the ReLife Research Institute. ReLife Research Institute is an agency that is doing a breakthrough to reduce the number of unemployed in Japan.

Arata is offered a job as a probationary subject for one year and given a pill by Yoake Ryou (ReLIFE Agent), Yoake gives him a pill and without thinking Arata accepts it, the next day strange things happen to Arata.

Arata’s body and face changed back to how it was when he was 17 years old, it turns out that the pill is a pill that can restore one’s youth, with that Arata is assigned to return to school in one of the high schools and repeat his life as a student as an experimental material for the program.

How is the life of an unemployed Arata who will be reinstated as a student and make friends with people who are younger than him? You can find the answer in one of the best school anime of all time.

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