15 Anime Like Death Note Really Fun To Watch

Death Note is one of the anime masterpieces by studio Madhouse that has received high ratings from fans around the world. Because, Death Note features a cat and mouse game story that is very smart and neat, unlike most of the series.

Light Yagami is an outstanding student and a genius. However, he is bored with life due to the increasing acts of violence that are destroying the world. One day, he finds a notebook, which reads the Death Note, which states that whoever’s name is written in the book, they will die.

At first, Light thought it was just a joke, but when he tried it turned out to be true. The book belongs to the Shinigami god of death. Knowing that the power to change the world is in his hands, he decides to become a new God by starting to execute all the criminals who pollute the world.

Due to the high level of popularity, this series also received a live action adaptation and one of them was produced by Netflix. Even though the anime and manga have ended a long time ago, fan talk about this series is still very high. So it is not surprising that they are looking for an anime similar to Death Note.

Here, anidraw lays out recommendations for anime like Death Note that you must watch. Curious? Let’s get started!

Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch

Seven years after the war, Japan suffered a defeat from Britannia and now they are merged into a colony state with the name Area 11. The defeat also made Japanese citizens lose their rights, dignity, freedom, even their name. They are not allowed to use Japanese names and must refer to their country as Area 11.

Lelouch Lamperouge is the prince of Britannia, but he was banished to Area 11 with his sister named Nunnally, because he rebelled against not accepting his mother died by terrorists and why his father did nothing at that time. Once upon a time, a mysterious girl named C.C came to Lelouch and gave him the power of Geass.

Like in Death Note, the main characters in this anime have the same intention, fighting for what they believe to be true justice. Both are very good at strategizing and have the power to change the world.


Kenzou Tenma is a renowned neurologist who lived a perfect life, at least before he was faced with difficult decisions. The boy and the mayor were brought in with serious injuries, and he could only save one. Tenma chooses to save the boy, but when a series of murders begin to unfold around him, all evidence points to the child he saved.

Monster and Death Note are both thriller and psychological anime that are full of suspense in every episode. Mystery and storylines that invite us to think, and both deserve a 10/10 score.

Zankyou no Terror (Terror in Resonance)

After the terrorist attack on Japan’s nuclear facilities, Tokyo is severely paralyzed. After six months of searching for the perpetrators, the public was shocked by video footage of two boys known as the Sphinx taking advantage of the attack. Threatening more damage, the police tried to arrest them but always failed.

The plot of this anime has similarities to Death Note. The protagonists of both series become enemies of the world by committing major crimes. The two play a puzzle game with the police so that they find out how the crime happened.

Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary)

High school student Yukiteru Amano spends his days alone, writing in his diary and talking to his imaginary friend Deus Ex Machina, the god of time and space. One day, Deus gave Amano the power to know the future around him through his diary, also giving 11 equally powerful diaries to others.

Now, Amano and the other diaries are forced to fight against each other, the victor will replace Deus as God.

Both anime carry books or diaries that come from gods as story plots. On the one hand, we are shown the figure of a strong male lead who writes the future of death, on the other hand, we are shown a weak male lead who only sees predictions of the future and the possibility of his death.

One Outs

Hiromichi Kojima, a batter on a professional baseball team, goes to Okinawa to train and get out of the slump. There, he met Toa Takuchi, a batter with a 134 km/h (83 mph) throw and a baseball king with the nickname “One Out”.

Kojima urges Takuchi to sign up for his team with an unusual contract offer; he gets 5 Million yen for each throw, but for every hit, he loses 50 Million yen.

What happens if Light Yagami turns into a baseball player? you can find it in the anime called One Outs. One Outs similarity with Death Note is that both do not prioritize action, but the tension created by the battle of intelligence that is created in each episode.

Death Parade

After death there is no life of heaven and earth, there is only reincarnation and annihilation. To determine their fate, they will be sent to a bar where the bartender will challenge them to a game that risks fate and soul.

Both anime deal with death, but that’s not my point. What makes the two similar is that in Death Parade, two people face off at a bar and the bartender needs to decide who is good and bad, a decision reminiscent of Death Note.


Akane Tsunemori is a young Inspector with a high sense of justice. His job is to investigate society’s problems with the Sibyl System, a community anti-crime system that monitors a person’s mental state to predict whether they will commit a crime.

On duty, Akane is accompanied by veteran Inspector Shinya Kaougami, a latent criminal who was given the freedom by society’s anti-crime system to do dirty work as an Inspector. Together they finally discovered that the Sibyl System had gone off track.

Both series have the same pattern, namely “Law Vs Crime” especially when it comes to intelligence. Although Psycho-Pass is more technologically advanced, the two follow a team that tries to catch criminals at all costs.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni (Umineko When They Cry)

Rokkenjima Island is an island belonging to the Ushiromiya family. Every year, the whole family gathers there to attend a meeting to discuss the financial situation of each family member. As the health of the head of the family deteriorated, this year the meeting discussed the heirs and their distribution.

However, the Ushiromiya family doesn’t realize that their family’s wealth comes from magicians. One of the family members, Ushiromiya Kinzo became worried about this year’s family gathering. After being told that his end is near, Kinzo becomes desperate to fulfill love one last time with the Golden Witch, Beatrice.

After immersing himself in black magic, Kinzo holds a ceremony to revive his true love upon his family’s arrival in Rokkenjima. Soon after, a hurricane hits the family on the island and a mysterious murder begins, forcing the eighteen people on the island to fight for their lives in a deadly struggle between fantasy and reality.

If you like Death Note, you will definitely like Umineko no Naku Koro. Both involve a battle of logic and psychology and death.

Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl)

Those with a deep grudge can access a mysterious website in the middle of the night where they can enter anyone’s name to be taken to hell. The Hell Girl named Ai Enma will come and not to judge, but to take revenge.

There is a thin line that makes these two series similar, revenge and justice. Death Note has Light whose ambition is to bring justice and order to a new world by killing criminals and ruling with fear. Meanwhile, Jigoku Shoujo takes revenge on the enemy with souls in return.

Both rely on objects as intermediaries with hell, notebooks and websites.


Sotoba was a peaceful and serene village, at least before some of the residents there experienced strange deaths. At the same time, a strange family moves into a mansion that has not been inhabited for a long time. Once upon a time a girl named Shimizu Megumi mysteriously disappeared after visiting the house, the whole village teamed up on a search.

What Death Note and Shiki have in common is that they both seek to fight evil, but the line between good and evil is very thin and difficult to distinguish. Both anime involve death-related thriller events with a lot of suspense that requires the brain to think along.


The Ikebukuro district in central tokyo is filled with rumors and strange warnings from a group of mysterious gangs and dangerous residents, one well-known urban legend is the existence of a headless black rider who is said to be often seen riding motorbikes on city streets.

Both anime feature high school students who are bored with life and decide to do something new to change the world. In Durarara, he joins a gang, while in Death Note, he eradicates many criminals who pollute the world. Durarara has a very complicated plot and forces us not to skip a single episode.

Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

At his darkest point, Ciel Phantomhive made a contract with the devil to exchange his soul for those who had harmed him. Now the demon takes on the form of his butler and Ciel strives to succeed and avenge him.

If you’re looking for anime like Death Note that involves mystery, dark settings, and detectives, then you’ll definitely like Kuroshitsuji. While less serious and funnier, there are moments in Kuroshitsuji that convey a high degree of mystery and require serious thought.


Even though he is 58 years old, Ichiro Inuyashiki is still strong in working to provide for his family. However, instead of getting support, he is considered a pitiful old man and is constantly ignored or respected by his own family. One day, the doctor revealed that Inuyashiki had cancer and that he was living longer.

When he was at the lowest point in his life, suddenly a dazzling light came from the sky hitting where Inuyashiki was standing. When he woke up, Inuyashiki realized that he was not injured, plus he felt something different about him.

Inuyashiki and Death Note both feature a hero, and a villain who is the main character. There is a long hunt between the two, on the one hand with evil intentions, on the other with good intentions. Both anime really provide a curious story.

Yakusoku no Neverland (The Promised Neverland)

Emma, ​​Norman and Ray are the brightest children in the Grace Field House orphanage. And under the care of the woman they call “Mama”, all the orphans enjoy life to the fullest. Great food, clean clothes and the perfect environment for playing and learning, they have everything they can get. However, one day, Emma and Norman learn the terrifying truth behind Grace Field House.

Psycho Pass

What would happen if all human minds could be read by technology? if you have a hard time imagining, then the Psycho Pass anime can describe the situation. Through a technology called the “Sibyl System”, the human mind can be read and considered ‘perfect’ in creating prosperity in society, because the system is able to assess a person’s mental health, talents, and tendencies in the form of numbers called the ‘Psycho Pass’.

The Sibyl system is also used to assess a person’s good and bad sides. However, the Sibyl System actually makes the human value itself so ‘low’ because everything is measured by a single number benchmark. The conflict of interest between the use of Psycho Pass technology is the main element of this anime. Plus unexpected and cool surprises and plot twists, told with a steady plot and an epic climax episode.

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