Anime Like Demon Slayer That Contain Much Action

Anime like Demon Slayer (Kimetsu No Yaiba) – Kimetsu no Yaiba is the latest anime in 2019 whose popularity skyrocketed thanks to its suspenseful story and cool anime visuals from Ufotable.

This anime is adapted from the manga of the same name by Koyoharu Gotouge which is published weekly in the comic magazine Shonen Jump, the same magazine as One Piece.

Well, if you like the Demon Slayer: Yaiba anime and are looking for an anime similar to the Kimetsu no Yaiba series. Check out the 10 best recommendations below!

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009)

The first recommendation of anime like Demon slayer is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

One of the most acclaimed anime series of all time, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood has been getting a lot of fans and positive feedback from newcomers to anime.

This anime explores the heavy themes of family and some of the issues of military power, and presents them with an emotional story.

Following the Law of Equivalent Exchange, the Elric Brothers embark on a journey in search of the legendary Philosopher’s Stone in hopes of bringing their bodies back to their original forms.

Fullmetal Alchemist has an excellent storyline that deals with the laws of alchemy, the dark side of human nature, and also involves some political and moral issues.

While the story focuses more on the strong brotherly relationship between Edward and Alphonse, the anime captures Tanjiro’s struggles to return his sister back to her human form.

Both Fullmetal Alchemist and Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba are full of exciting action and adventure, and a dramatic family theme about family in both stories.

Tales of Zestiria the X (2016-2017)

Based on the Tales game series franchise developed by Bandai Namco, the anime Tales of Zestiria the X is set in a beautiful world where humans and Seraphim coexist.

The protagonist, Sorey, is a young man who is fascinated by the Heavenly Notes that tell of the whereabouts of the Seraphim. However, while exploring about them, he and his partner, Mikleo, are trapped in a historical site and meet a mysterious girl who is looking for help to save the world from darkness.

This is a story of humanity that is heavily consumed by malevolence and human emotions.

If you’re mesmerized by the excellent visuals of Demon Slayer with its great animations and great fight scenes, then you’ll feel the same way about Tales of Zestiria the X as both are produced by Ufotable.

Both anime series are focused on adventure and rich interactions between characters that are both fun and serious. This anime like Demon slayer also involves killing monsters, but unlike Demon Slayer, this anime is less violent and bloody.

Dororo (2019)

The next anime like Demon slayer is Dororo. The story is set in the Sengoku period and focuses on the lives of a ronin named Hyakkimaru and an orphan named Dororo.

The Ronin were born disabled due to a pact made by their father with 48 sealed demons to increase the wealth of their land and protect it from starvation.

Left in the river, the newborn was found by Dr. Jukai which gives prostheses to children. Soon after, a young thief named Dororo joins the ronin’s adventures to get rid of supernatural beings.

Dororo deals with demon hunting similar to Tanjiro’s adventures. The two main characters begin their journey to get things back, and their struggles are contagious because they inflict pain and keep you emotional. The dark atmosphere in the Dororo anime is similar to Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Seraph of the End (2015)

The anime like Demon slayer series is set in a post-apocalyptic world where vampires rule over everything. Children are held captive and treated like livestock by these cruel vampires.

The Hyakuya brothers plan to escape their miserable lives. However, their efforts ended in tragedy.

When the other orphans are killed, Mikaela sacrifices herself so Yuichiro can escape. Yuichiro joins the Moon Demon Company to take revenge against the vampires for killing his family.

Similar to Tanjiro’s journey in the anime Kimetsu no Yaiba, Yuichiro’s story begins with revenge. A strong family theme is also present in Seraph of the End. While Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba is about Tanjiro’s journey towards slaying all demons, the storyline of Seraph of the End centers on eradicating vampires.

Katsugeki / Touken Ranbu (2017)

Touken Ranbu is one of the most popular web browser games in Japan. It’s all about the beautiful personified sword that protects the history of Japan.

Characters are named after real-life Shinsengumi swords and other notable historical references. These people are tasked with protecting the history of Japan from the Time Retrograde Army that is able to change history.

Another anime by Ufotable, the Touken Ranbu franchise has the same vibe as Demon Slayer when it comes to their dark setting.

The two main characters are skilled in sword fighting, and they eliminate strange creatures. As expected from the studio, Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu offers spectacular visuals and flawless action scenes similar to Demon Slayer.

If you are looking for an anime like Demon slayer with a cool story and visuals like Kimetsu no Yaiba, then Touken Ranbu can be the best recommendation to watch.

Blue Exorcist (2011)

Just anime like Demon Slayer, the Blue Exorcist anime is also full of demonic battles and supernatural elements.

The story of Blue Exorcist centers on Rin Okumura, a boy who is the son of a demon known as the Devil.

He and his brother Yukio embark on a journey to become exorcists to protect the human world and to take revenge against his demon father for killing Shiro, their adoptive father.

Both the Blue Exorcist and Demon Slayer anime have protagonists seeking revenge. Tanjiro and Rin wield their swords to exterminate demons.

Their sword fights are worth watching as both series provide good animation. The two protagonists exhibit extraordinary strength and positive outlook during their challenging journey.

One of the best supernatural anime similar to Kimetsu no Yaiba is a must for you to watch.

Peace Maker Kurogane (2003)

The anime like Demon slayer is set in 19th century Japan before the Meiji Restoration. This is the story of Tetsunosuke Ichimura, a 15 year old boy who ends up joining the Shinsengumi faction to take revenge for his murdered family.

With his desire to gain more power and skill in swordsmanship, he does his best to be of great help to the Shinsengumi.

Peacemaker Kurogane offers the same vibe as Demon Slayer in that they are both set in historic Japan, they have dark undertones, and both anime involve sword fighting. Both protagonists are strong-willed and follow the same path: to avenge the deaths of their families.

Peacemaker Kurogane is one of the best anime recommendations similar to Kimetsu no Yaiba to watch.

Tokyo Ghoul (2014)

If you search anime like Demon slayer, then you will also find the same thing in the Tokyo Ghoul anime.

Tokyo Ghoul is one of the top supernatural horror manga. Although it focuses more on the horror side, the psychological part is also great.

The story centers on Ken Kaneki, an ordinary college student who meets Rize Kamishiro, an avid reader like him. Rize, however, is a ghost that devours humans.

Kaneki’s fate changes when he goes on a trip around Tokyo to discover more about ghosts, humans, and half-ghosts.

Demons are no strangers to the story of Tokyo Ghoul. Like Kimetsu no Yaiba, it is packed with strange creatures and dark adventures. While it bears no resemblance to Demon Slayer’s plot, it offers great action scenes and interesting character tropes that remind you of Tanjiro’s struggles in the gruesome world of demons.

Claymore (2007)

The series is set in the world of ‘Yoma’, a deadly creature that eats humans. Clare is the protagonist of the story who joins an organization that trains soldiers to kill Yoma for a fee.

He then meets Raki, a young boy whose family was killed by Yoma. With nowhere else to go, he joins forces with Clare, and travels together to kill more Yoma.

Just like Kimetsu no Yaiba, the Claymore anime is a dark fantasy series that is both seeking revenge. Both anime include organizations that aim to kill monsters and demons.

Although they have different settings (Claymore has a European feel), their protagonists, Clare and Tanjiro, are tough, and their prowess in swordsmanship is highly commendable.

Soul Eaters (2008)

Another anime like Demon slayer that you can watch is Soul Eater. This anime is packed with fun action and quests.

The story is set in the fictional world of Nevada where the Death Weapon Meister Academy is located. The school serves as a training facility for humans with the ability to transform into weapons and for their users called Meisters. Attending school is Maka Albarn and his Soul Eater scythe master.

The students’ goal is to collect the souls of 99 evil humans and one wizard, further increasing the power of their weapons and turning them into death scythes.

If you’re a big fan of shonen combat, then you’ll find in Soul Eater the same suspense you experience in Demon Slayer.

The action in both series is amazing and dynamically fun. While Soul Eater gives off a generic shonen vibe and has a brighter atmosphere, unlike Kimetsu no Yaiba, Soul Eater’s story still captures the excitement we find in Tanjiro’s demon hunting adventures.

Demon Slayer has become one of the top anime of 2019. It’s a good series that has everything a shonen fan needs: flawless animation, well-written characters, and of course, an incredibly beautiful emotional story. The anime titles on this list are the perfect stories to try if you are a fan of Tanjiro.

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