20 Anime Like My Hero Academia With Most Action Scene

Anime like My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) tells the story of a boy named Izuku Midoriya who lives in a world where a super power called Quirk is common and almost everyone has this power.

Since childhood he has idolized a valiant hero who likes to help people named All Might. Having seen his very heroic actions, Izuku began to be inspired by him to become a hero so that he could help many people.

But he turns out to grow up without superpowers like no other. Even so, when someone else was in trouble, he was the first to help. Thanks to this, the figure of a hero named All Might is attracted to him because he represents the figure of a true hero even without superpowers.

Thanks to an unexpected fateful meeting, now All Might begins to educate Izuku so that he can become a hero like himself at a special hero school called U.E. High School.

Of the many hero-themed action anime that have aired, this anime is one of the best. In addition to having very cool actions and stories, this anime also presents a lot of feel that makes the audience always amazed.

Hmm, since in the previous post, Suitosite has discussed anime like Nanatsu no Taizai and Tokyo Ghoul, continuing to post about this similar anime, Suitosite will discuss anime like my hero academia. Of the many anime that have aired, what are the best anime that are similar to this my hero academia anime? here is the review.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei is one of the best light novel anime available to date. The story itself is set in the 21st century, where magic that was once just a fairy tale or mere folklore has now become a systematic technology that every school learns.

And the main story tells about a magic school (Magic High School) where the students are educated as Magicians (magicians) who are expected to be useful in society.

This best light novel Anime like My Hero Academia tells the story of 2 brothers named Shiba Tatsuya and Shiba Miyuki enrolling in a magic school.

After taking the entrance exam, Miyuki received a First Course class known as “Bloom”, while her brother Tatsuya received a Second Course known as “Weed”.

Even though Tatsuya’s grades and status in magic practice were in the “weed” class which showed that he was actually incompetent, the school system had misjudged Tatsuya’s talent.

Flamenco Samurai

Hazama Masayoshi is a model who is on the rise under the care of his manager, Ishihara Sumi. Besides being a model, he has other aspirations, namely to become a superhero, because he was inspired by the tokusatsu series he often watched as a child.

Armed with the superhero costume of his late grandfather, he strives for justice in his hometown and confronts anyone who tries to break the law, even in something as trivial as littering.

The unique thing is that Masayoshi’s “heroic actions” are increasingly attracting public attention, until he finally meets a policeman named Gotou Hidenori. Since then, the two have become very close due to Masayoshi’s actions.

Masayoshi feels that Gotou is someone who can understand his goals. Meanwhile, Gotou felt that this strange person was just a source of trouble and wanted to keep him away from unnecessary new problems as much as possible.

Ao No Exorcist

An Anime like My Hero Academia is set in a world where the world is divided into 2 dimensions, namely the Assiah (human) dimension and the Gehenna (demon) dimension. The story centers on a demon king’s son named Rin Okumura.

The world where humans live is now starting to be disturbed by the demon army because the demon king Satan began to take action to seize the human world. Even though Rin is the son of the demon king, but he has a dream to become an Exorcist (demon exterminator).

And because the adoptive father who had raised him was killed by Satan, he also vowed to eradicate Satan and his followers who disturb the peace of mankind.

Mob Psycho 100

This Anime like My Hero Academia entitled Mob Psycho 100 tells the story of Kageyama Shigeo (aka “Mob”). He is an 8th grader who has psychic abilities. Since childhood he could bend spoons and lift objects with just his mind.

The Mob who has extraordinary power often loses consciousness of his own power, until he finally realizes how terrifying his power is. Now he is slowly starting to hold back his abilities in public for fear of making people view him negatively.

Right now, the only thing he wants is to be friends with the girl at his school, Tsubomi. Together with his psychic mentor, Mob goes about his daily life and strives to realize his life goals.


This Anime like My Hero Academia is set in an alternate world, where a small number of children have super abilities after reaching puberty. Yuu Otosaka, was one of them.

He has the ability to take over other people’s bodies for 5 seconds, Yuu uses that power to get the best grades, even to enter a prestigious high school. One day a woman named Nao Tomori saw her using her powers and caught her.

Nao forces Yuu and his sister Ayumi to enter Houshinomi Academy, a school filled with students with supernatural abilities. Nao Tomori explains that the school is a school that protects students with supernatural abilities from hunting scientists.

This is where Yuu’s story begins, he decides to find another person with special abilities and save him. Because people with special abilities are always being hunted by researchers and the government to dismantle the abilities they have.

Soul Eaters

Now, if the Anime like My Hero Academia, this one is about the students who attend the Shinigami Weapon Meister Vocational School. The students who attend this academy are required to collect evil souls so that there are no riots everywhere.

In addition, they will also compete to collect 99 evil souls and 1 magician soul to change the weapons they have into Death Scythe, which is the highest title for weapons that can be used by Shinigami.

World Trigger

One day in Mikado City, a gate to another dimension has been forcefully opened. From there emerge creatures that are ineffective against human weapons called “Neighbors” who threaten all of humanity.

Earth’s only defense is a mysterious group of warriors named “Border”. These Borders had researched the “Neighbors” technology to protect the gates. And in no time they built a headquarters to protect the city from “Neighbors” attacks.

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry

One of the best action romance Anime like My Hero Academia, it tells about a school of wizards who use modern magic. In battle, magicians use weapons that are the embodiment of their souls. Kurogane Ikki studied at this school to become a Magic Knight, however he was called a “Failed Knight” due to his lack of magic power.

Unlike other students who have magical powers or better known as Blazers, Kurogane Ikki’s magical power is very bad and he is in the F rank of his school. Even so Ikki didn’t just give up, he wanted to prove that he too could be the strongest. Ikki even intends to take part in a competition tournament between students at his school.

One day when he came home from school he was surprised because in his room there was a student with A-rank Blazers who was changing clothes, the student named Stella Vermilion who was a royal princess.

Of course this angered Stella, because she thought Ikki had peeked at her, even though the principal had determined that the two of them were roommates in that room. Stella immediately invited Ikki to a duel to determine who was in charge in the room. In this duel, the loser must obey the victor for the rest of his life!

Kekkai Sensen Series

One day, a gate from another dimension suddenly appeared in New York City. Those who are not from the human world, such as mythical animals, vampires, aliens, monsters and so on have appeared there.

After that, the city of New York became a place where those from another world lived and socialized with ordinary humans. Now the city of New York which now has the name Hellsalem’s Lot is starting to be filled with various creatures and people who want to disrupt the world.

As this threat began to unsettle, an organization with abilities beyond human comprehension, named Libra was formed. And this best vampire anime, the main story focuses on Watch Leonardo who has the power of “Kamigami no Higan” or “God Eye”.

He is a young man who moves to Hellsalem’s Lot to solve the mystery behind the power of his eyes as well as to help his ailing sister.

Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou

The same as telling about a world that is starting to be inhabited by humans who have super powers, this Anime like My Hero Academia tells the story of Jirou Hitoyoshi and Hoshino Kikko. His world has entered the Shinka Era, which is the era when people with super powers appear and this is commonplace.

To prevent this from happening, the Japanese government formed an organization called the Bureau of Superhumans. This organization was formed to be able to monitor if any of them started to riot from evil actions while protecting superhumans in secret.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Anime like My Hero Academia this one leaves the mafia world has been controlled by the strongest mafia family from Italy, the Vongola. The current boss of the Vongola family, the Ninth Generation Boss, is about to retire.

But before he steps down, he enlists the help of a professional Hitman to train the next generation of Bosses to rule the Vongola and rule the mafia world.

The story of this anime tells the story of Sawada Tsunayoshi or commonly called Tsuna, he is a Namimori Middle School student who is poor in lessons, weak in sports so he is nicknamed Dame Tsuna (Tsuna the poor).

One day, Tsuna’s mother (Sawada Nana) receives a brochure about a home tutor (katekyoshi) and immediately accepts it. But the home tutor who appears is a baby in a black coat who introduces himself as Reborn, a special hitman who came from Italy to educate Tsuna as a candidate for Vongola X (Vongola Decimo/Vongola Juudaime).

One Piece

One Piece is one of the best shounen Anime like My Hero Academia available to date. The story focuses on Monkey D. Luffy, a boy inspired by Younko named Shanks to become a pirate. Initially Luffy wanted to become a pirate in order to find the most valuable treasure left by the previous pirate king named “One Piece”.

But one day, because he was always teased by Shanks because he couldn’t possibly be a pirate, Luffy finally unknowingly decided to eat the devil fruit that Shanks brought at Makino’s residence. Shortly after, Luffy couldn’t swim due to the effects of the devil fruit he ate.

Since then Luffy has also dreamed of becoming the Pirate King and will also find One Piece. But before this dream is realized Luffy must conquer a very wild ocean called the Grand Line to get to the island at the end of the world, namely Raftel.

As time goes by when Luffy and his pirate members sail the seas in search of One Piece, now he is faced with various strong enemies and also many unsolved mysteries of the world.

Before Luffy became the king of pirates and found One Piece, now he must also be able to solve another mystery written on a historical stone called a poneglyph, because in this stone the history of the world is contained in it including, lost history, weapons of mass destruction and also clues where Raftel and One Piece are.

Black Clover

Well, if an anime like my hero academia tells the story of Asta and Yuno who were born in the wizarding world, that’s everything. They dream of becoming magic emperors one day. Even though they grew up and lived together since childhood, Asta has one problem, he can’t use magic. While Yuno has great magic power since birth.

But his determination to become a magic emperor did not make him give up. To make up for his shortcomings, Asta trains his physique every day. When they turn 15, Asta and Yuno are given the ability to become mages known as Magic Knights by receiving a grimoire.

Yuno gets a rare four-leaf clover grimoire, while Asta doesn’t get it at all. However, when a thief beats up Yuno for stealing and selling his grimoire on the black market, Asta gets a very outdated grimoire (a very rare five-leaf clover that no one notices).

His Grimoire turns out to contain a rare and mysterious power, an Anti-Magic sword. And after getting their respective grimoires, Asta and Yuno again compete to become magic emperors in their own ways and ways.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Although classified as an old school mecha action anime, this series has a high rating and popularity. Yep, because it has an interesting story and presents something different, this series deserves the title of the best mecha anime.

The Anime like My Hero Academia itself tells the adventures of Kamina and Simon. They have lived in an underground village since birth. And the residents there have always lived without knowing the existence of the outside world whose only job was to dig deeper into the ground.

One day when Simon was digging the ground, he found a mysterious ancient artifact. One time after that incident, a woman who was fighting aliens broke into the underground right where Simon and Kamina’s village lived. Well, this is where the story of the meeting of the three main characters begins.

Little Witch Academia

The next Anime like My Hero Academia is Little Witch Academia. Not much different from the story of Izuku who was inspired by his idol All Might to become a hero, this anime also tells the story of the main character who was inspired by his idol to become a great figure like himself.

The anime itself tells of a girl named Akko Kagari. When he was little he had come to an event called “Magical Festa”. There he was so amazed to see the magic performance performed by Shiny Chariot.

From then on, he dreamed of becoming a great magician like him. To make his dream come true, Akko enters a magic academy called Luna Nova. At the academy, Atsuko feels the least fortunate compared to the other girls because she doesn’t come from a magical family and is asked to learn the magical curriculum from scratch.

Hunter X Hunter 2011

If my hero academia tells about people who want to be heroes, then in the hunter x hunter series the main character tells the story of wanting to be a hunter. Hunter itself is a type of job that has very special access rights such as exploring places or islands that are not yet on the map, even having a higher position than state officials. To be recognized as a Hunter and get his license, Gon Frecss the main character must perform a series of super difficult tests prepared by the committee.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Assassination Classroom)

In contrast to the my hero academia series which tells about a school of heroism, this anime ansatsu kyoushitsu instead tells about a class of assassins. The story itself tells the daily life of a class 3-E teacher of Kunogigaoka Middle School named Koro-sensei who teaches his students the curriculum on how to become a pro assassin.

Uniquely, the students taught by Koro-sensei have a mission to kill their own teacher. And if within a certain period of time his protégé doesn’t manage to finish off Koro-sensei, then the earth will be at stake like the moon he has destroyed.

Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi

Now, if an Anime like My Hero Academia tells the story of a 1st grade high school student, named Shirahama Kenichi. Kenichi from middle school was always called “Weak legs”, just because he was a weak person. Kenichi, always interested in the world of martial arts which he finally likes to read martial arts books.

One day, Kenichi meets a girl named Fuurinji Miu. And it turns out that Miu is a transfer student in Kenichi’s class. But, for some reason, Kenichi has to fight his upperclassmen in karate fights.

With a deadline of 1 week he had to train in order to beat his classmate. But, luckily Kenichi was told by Miu who suggested him to train at the Ryouzanpaku dojo. However, it turns out that Ryouzanpaku is not an ordinary dojo because in it there are many masters of several martial arts.

Finally Kenichi trained there with various kinds of martial arts, and with training that was like hell. Even though Kenichi had defeated his upperclassmen, however, the battle didn’t stop there, because now many enemies were targeting him. Plus, it turns out that Miu is actually the granddaughter of the owner of Ryouzanpaku

Furthermore, Kenichi’s daily routine is training under six Ryozanpaku masters, and begins to face a group calling himself “Ragnarok”, a group of bullies who try to take turns to recruit Kenichi, if he doesn’t want to, he will be killed.

Tiger and Bunny

Still telling about superhero anime, the next Anime like My Hero Academia is Tiger and Bunny. This anime tells the story in a futuristic city called Sternbild City. 45 years ago, the very powerful humans known as “NEXT” began to appear, and some of them started to become superheroes for a living.

Each of the superheroes in the city begins to work on eradicating crime and is broadcast on a tv show called “Hero Tv” to earn accumulated points and seek popularity and sponsorship. The hero with the highest score in a season will get the title of “King of Heroes”.

One Punch Man

The first Anime like My Hero Academia is OPM (One Punch Man). This anime series, which tells the story of the world of heroes, tells the story of a main character named Saitama who comes from the metropolitan city of Z-City.

Even though he lives in a place where monsters or big-name criminals often appear, he is even indifferent to this situation, because he has often faced similar things and defeated them with one punch. Because he was so strong, he often felt bored and hoped to find a formidable opponent.

Seeing his teacher unable to find a suitable opponent, Genos offers him to join a hero association so that Saitama can relieve his boredom and find a formidable opponent while seeking fame.

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