20 Best Anime Websites Dubbed For Watching and Download

Best anime websites dubbed always be searched by any otaku. As we know, Japan will further tighten anime and manga copyright rules in the future to protect their creators who often get paid inappropriately. One of the reasons is piracy on a large scale that is rampant.

This policy has an impact on the closure of several Illegal Anime/Manga sites in Japan, and it doesn’t stop there, similar sites outside Japan are starting to get affected one by one. After MangaRock, now KissAnime and KissManga, which are one of the biggest illegal sites in the media, are also closed.

Seeing what has happened recently, of course most people start to think that this cannot be underestimated anymore and we must be prepared if the same thing will happen to many other illegal sites, including sites in US.

For those who are used to watching pirated anime, you might start planning to try to watch anime legally because other than right now – all sites that provide illegal anime are being haunted by a nightmare, the rules also state that people who download or enjoy illegal anime intentionally, we will also be entangled in articles that are enough to make us rethink dozens of times if the rules are really implemented seriously.

Although some people think that the regulation only sounds like a hoax, but there is nothing wrong if you start trying to switch to legal anime because it will help develop this industry in the future, support animators, respect creators more, and many other positive things. Plus, not all legal anime streaming platforms below require viewers to pay.

Here are best anime websites dubbed legal anime streaming sites that have complied with Japanese copyright laws, with English and other subtitles that you can enjoy for free or paid.

1. 9anime

On this best anime websites dubbed site you can download and watch anime from the newest to the old ones. 9anime also allows us to choose anime with English subtitles and English subtitles. Cool features you can see by sliding the cursor to the anime icon on the front page. The anime icon will display a synopsis, rating, genre, broadcast status, and some other information about an anime. 9anime provides a choice of video quality from 360p to the most stable, 1080p.

2. Ani One

The right choice if you want to watch legal anime for free with full HD resolution. In addition to providing many anime that have been released several years ago, this Channel also always presents several new anime every season.

Considering that anyone can insert subtitles into the video (if it passes through the checking stage), Ani One comes with various subtitles. Yes, it certainly doesn’t pass on all videos.

3. Kissanime

Many anime fans agree that Kissanime is the best anime download site. Maybe it’s because this site is so regular and consistent in updating anime episodes that air every week. The video quality provided starts from 240p to 1080p. But to download the anime, you have to create an account first, guys. In addition, on this site you can also stream anime, read manga, and watch Asian drama series. Wow!

Kissanime is a mobile-friendly site, meaning you can open this site and enjoy the content directly from your smartphone.

4. Muse Asia

Best anime websites dubbed with a YouTube channel that was built to prevent or at least reduce anime piracy which is increasingly rampant. The target market of this channel is Southeast Asia and customers can enjoy the many anime titles they provide for free, some of which are also new (on-going) anime.

On this YouTube channel they upload 1 full anime episode, with 2 different versions. Videos with English subtitles, and videos with Chinese subtitles. Unfortunately, there’s currently no full HD or 1080p anime available, but considering the content they provide is something “free”, that’s not a problem at all.

With their official presence on the platform – getting an official license to legally stream anime on YouTube. they can ask YouTube to take down illegal anime content on the platform more quickly.

5. Animetosho

The next cool site is Animetosho. One of the advantages of this site is that you can download all your favorite anime episodes in one package. But to download the anime you need Torrent software. Yup, this is an anime-only Torrent aggregator site. If you usually use Torrents for downloading on the internet, you will definitely be more comfortable using Animetosho.

6. Aniplus Asia

Launched since November 2013 is focused on Southeast Asia. In addition to broadcasting anime on television, Aniplus Asia also serves streaming on OTT platforms such as iflix, HOOQ, LeEco and Tribe. Not only the old series, you can also find many of the latest anime series here.

7. Chia-anime.tv

Want to watch anime on your cellphone? Chia-anime is the solution. This site has a visitor-friendly display when opened via mobile. The video doesn’t have much buffering (unless your connection is bad). Another plus is that you can download anime while watching directly from the site. There are so many choices of anime titles. Anyway, it’s really suitable for those of you who want to watch childhood anime first.

8. Crunchyroll

There is no doubt that Crunchyroll is one of the best legal anime streaming sites that provides more than 900 titles ranging from old to newest anime, and with much more subtitle support than any other platform. In addition to presenting on-going anime, Crunchyroll is also very updated where you can immediately watch the latest anime episode, one hour after its release in Japan.

What’s more interesting? Besides being able to get a 14-day premium free trial, you can also read legal manga and watch their original anime known as “Crunchyroll Originals” such as Tower of God, The God of high School, and Noblesse.

9. Masterani

Anime fans must feel lucky with Masterani. On this site you can stream and download the anime you want in 480p and 720p quality. One of Masterani’s advantages is the release schedule feature which provides information about the latest anime episodes that air per day.

10. Funimation

Funimation is an entertainment company in the United States that was founded in 1994 by Gen Fukunaga. Funimation produces, markets, and distributes anime and other entertainment properties in the United States and international markets.

Although it provides more than 300 legal anime titles, unfortunately the content provided cannot be enjoyed in some country without using a VPN.

11. Oploverz

Every otaku definitely know this local anime site. Oploverz has been around since 2016 ago and until now it still continues to provide the most updated anime shows for us. On the site you can watch and download anime in 360p to 1080p quality. How to download anime from Oploverz is also quite easy. Just select the server and video quality you want, then download the anime.

12. Netflix

It’s no secret that Netflix also provides many legal anime titles to watch, from the older ones to the newest ones. Sometimes you can also watch new anime ahead of most people because some special anime will also be shown first on Netflix before being released on Japanese TV.

It doesn’t stop there, Netflix also often presents exclusive anime that is not shown on other platforms. In this 2020, Several anime which failed to show in Japanese theaters due to Covid-19, were released on Netflix. Obviously this is one option that must be taken into account if you want to watch legal anime, although it doesn’t provide a complete list of new anime, but you can also watch a lot of movies or live action series here. And the most interesting thing, you can get a promo for the first 1 month access.

13. Anibatch

Want to watch an anime that is finished but lazy to download the episodes one by one? Hmm… looks like you should visit this cool site. Anibatch is an Indonesian anime site that allows users to download multiple anime episodes at once. The anime is deposited on several servers which you have to visit when downloading. Amazingly, Anibatch re-upload their anime list regularly. So you don’t have to worry about finding expired download links.

14. HULU

Although the name is not as popular as Crunchyroll or Netflix, the anime titles offered by HULU cannot be taken lightly, there are many big series that are present on their anime list such as Naruto, Black Clover, and others.

Spectators have to pay to be able to enjoy the service here. But before that, you can enjoy the free trial offered.

15. Samehadaku

Just like Oploverz, Samehadaku presents the most up-to-date anime with any subtitles. It’s just that Samehadaku doesn’t allow you to watch anime directly on the site. This site is only for download but with a choice of more varied video formats (.mkv, .mp4, and .3gp).

16. Amazon Prime Video

As the name suggests, it is Amazon’s paid video streaming platform. Even though it only presents dozens of anime titles, you will have no trouble finding anime with good ratings here.
Before you start subscribing, you can use a free trial period of seven days.

17. Animenonton

Animenonton has a fairly large collection of anime. You can also watch your favorite anime and are free to choose the video quality you want (from SD to HD). In addition, you can also communicate with other viewers in the comments column. Well, just in case you want to just make small talk or share your feedback and predictions about the anime you’re watching. Under the video display there is a download option. If you click on it, you will be redirected to another site where you can download the video. I think Animeku is the best site for watching anime.

18. VIZ Media

Not only publishing novels and comics, Best anime websites dubbed Viz Media also provides quite a number of legal anime titles that you can watch for free or pay at low prices. All available anime are mostly anime adapted from manga published by Shueisha and Shogakukan with English license. Of course you can’t expect much because the focus of this platform is novels and manga.

19. Awsubs

Best anime websites dubbed Awsubs is almost the same as Anibatch where you can download several anime episodes at once. What makes it different is that Awsubs has a “show schedule” option and better video quality than Anibatch, but with a more limited selection of download links. If you want lots of good quality episodes, just visit Awsubs. But if your quota is tight and you have to watch anime with standard quality, Anibatch can be your first choice.

20. Anime-Planet

Although not as updated as other platforms, you can enjoy many legal anime here for free. Interesting series like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and ReLife can also be found, thanks to the partnership between Anime Planet, Crunchyroll HIDIVE, and Hulu. Here are also available many manga titles that can be read for free.

21. Midnight Pulp

In addition to providing many films, Midnight Pulp also provides more than 90 old anime titles that can be watched for free. Even though it doesn’t present any new anime titles at all, this is a pretty good option if you want to reminisce or watch old school anime.

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