Fox renews 'Glee' for two more seasons - USA Today

Recent market research by FOX analysts revealing major demographic gaps in their audience, have influenced executives at FOX to take a new approach to the news and how it's reported. Beginning with the launch a new program hoping to draw in a larger, keener, crowd: "The Day Today" (the final name, beating-out the widely-popular competitor "The Hate Factor,") which intends to fill the failing network's void in European and other not-America countries previously unscathed by FOX's uniquely mind-numbing form of disinformation & hate-mongering.
Part of a larger campaign of re-vamping the image of the decaying corpse of a network, FOX is also hoping to gain back many of their home-grown viewers whom have been alienated by the network in the past, such as people with an IQ over 90, or whom don't consider lynching immigrants to be a "good time," or generally people whom aren't their cousin's brother, or own less than 5 guns.


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